ColorSure isn’t just another interior design firm. We are experts in the use and interplay of color. That means that the colors selected for your projects are perfect for you and perfect for your space.



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Why ColorSure?

Have you ever felt like choosing colors for your home or office is hard?

Choosing the best colors is not an art. It is science. Science based upon various factors—your taste, furnishings, flooring, art, floorplan, the structure’s orientation to the sun and, of equal importance, your personality.

Have you ever picked a paint color and, when the room was done, found it didn’t look like you thought it would?

With the average price of today’s paint products at $55 per gallon, you don’t want to make a costly paint color mistake.

Have you ever wished you knew someone that could help you make great choices without spending a bunch of money?

Alice has training and expertise that gives her unparalleled insight into how—and why—colors work for or against you and your design goals.

Through her, you get discounts at hundreds of furniture and home décor stores AND 30% off of your paint purchase—and 15% off of any equipment purchases—at any Sherwin-Williams store.

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Who We Are


Alice is a residential and commercial Color Consultant, with more than 28 years of experience in design and mixing her own color palettes. She works closely with Sherwin Williams Paint Company to design custom color collections uniquely tailored for each client.

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Contact Us

Call or email to talk with us, make an appointment, or to ask us questions about your next interior or exterior project and how we can help.


Alice Primm

Mailing Address:

779 River Road
Madison Heights, VA 24572

We serve the Lynchburg region of Virginia, as well as the surrounding areas of North Carolina, Virginia, South Carolina and beyond.

We come to your home or office for each consultation.

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