Why Us?


  • Save money on your home decorating projects.
  • Sell your home faster and for a higher price.
  • Give a lasting gift to a new home owner.

ColorSure isn’t just another interior design firm. We are experts in the use and interplay of color. That means that the colors selected for your projects are perfect for you and perfect for your space.

If you are not confident in answering the questions below, it may be time for a ColorSure consultation. Call Alice at 919.599.1312. A quick in-home or in-office consultation will give you the confidence to make the very best decisions.

Thinking of painting the exterior of your home?

Do you know what the very best color combination is, given your house’s architecture, roof color, landscaping, neighborhood, and/or your re-sale plans?

Want to freshen the look inside your home?

How can you redecorate at a reasonable cost and still maximize the effect? Gray is the new “it” color. There are hundreds of grays! Do you know which gray is the most beautiful in your space?

Does your home or office have an open floor plan, yet, you don’t want every room the same color?

How do you achieve variation without “chopping up” the space?

Does your home or office have defined rooms, yet you would like it to look more open and airy?

What colors work best with your belongings? How can you achieve “flow” when each room has a door?

Do you know what the orientation of the sun does to your rooms and how to choose the colors that best suit them?

How does the light in your bedroom – and whether or not you are a morning-person – affect what colors you would find most pleasing? When does your office get sunlight? How does that affect your productivity?

Ready for a color consultation?

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