Psychology of color

When I decided to open a new office space for my Pastoral Counseling practice, I knew I wanted a calm, cozy, and welcoming space. I also knew it was important for my clients to feel safe and comfortable and that I needed a professional to guide my selections of furniture, accessories, and colors to accomplish the desired ambience.

Alice’s eye for color-matching and coordination is a gift beyond comprehension. Alice understand the psychology of color and how it would affect my clients and, therefore, would affect therapy sessions.

She guided me through the process of setting up and decorating my office space to achieve the exact environment that I was seeking. Alice has a keen eye for detail that is coupled with an easygoing temperament, which allowed for my personal choices and personality to be reflected in my office. At the same time, and of utmost importance, was her patience and decorating wisdom that kept me from making poor choices that could have detracted from my desired goal.

Dr. Judy H. Butler, PsyD.
Pastoral Counselor
Mebane, N.C.