Our color aficionado

Alice Primm has been our color aficionado for over fifteen years. She worked on three of our remodels in Phoenix and one in Santa BarbaraAlice completely transformed our all-white Spanish colonial home in Phoenix using her classical faux finish expertise with the perfect fresco touches and trompe l’oeil murals for the intimate powder rooms. In Santa Barbara, she helped us choose the right Mediterranean whites and blue-green accent colors to enhance our Michael Smith inspired home.

During our last remodel in Phoenix, she adeptly guided us through the intricacies of the many shades of grey. When it comes to color consultation, Alice has the artistic talent and professional intuition for interpreting the client’s vision for one room or an entire home or project that requires a relationship from room to room and the overall architectural environment.

Dr. Martin Johnson and Olinda Young
Residential clients
Phoenix, AZ and Santa Barbara, CA