What is a Color Consultant?

Interiors. Exteriors. Homes. Businesses. All the places where you live and work can be transformed with a simple coat of paint and the judicious selection of furnishings and details. Or, they can be drab places which drain your energies. There is often no difference in the cost, but a huge difference in the result.

We are to color what chefs are to food, what web designers are to code. Our understanding of value, chroma and hue—along with a thorough understanding of psychology of color, the way color makes us react—are our tools. Our talent is discovering the colors that make your heart sing and your homes and offices places of impact.

How much is a consultation with ColorSure?

And, isn’t that just adding to the cost of my project?

A one-hour consultation with ColorSure is $85, a cost more than recouped by your 30% savings on paint with Sherwin-Williams stores when you become our client. Save 15% on equipment and other supplies there, as well.

A consultation with ColorSure means you’ll be happy with your choices. No costly returns or repainting, no hiring of sub-contractors that don’t deliver what they promise: Everything done right the first time.

What are the benefits of hiring ColorSure?

Five reasons our clients say they are glad they called:

1. You avoid costly re-dos. Materials and labor just to re-paint one room cost between $500 and $900. Be delighted the first time and every time with ColorSure.

2. You minimize your risk.  Hiring the wrong sub-contractor can result in more than disappointment. It can mean you spend more money than necessary.  Alice and Lauri have a stable of proven professionals committed to making your job – no matter how large or how small – their top priority. These pros have a proven track record as talented, dependable, respectful, and worthy of your trust.

3. You save money elsewhere. As our client, you get discounts at hundreds of furniture and home décor stores AND 30% off of your paint purchase (15% off of any equipment purchases) at any Sherwin-Williams store.

4. You collaborate with us. We don’t dictate what you will use; we work with you to find your best choices. Then, you get written records of your selections that are yours to keep – easy to reference and keep on file.

5. You are never inconvenienced. We meet you in your home or office. There is no need for you to leave the comfort of your space.

Is it possible to give a consultation as a gift?

Yes! Whether it’s for a housewarming, birthday, or other special occasion, just call Alice or Lauri at 919.599.1312. We will send the gift certificate directly to the recipient or to you, whichever you prefer.

How do I know I will like what you recommend?

Spend a few minutes reading our Client Reviews if you have any questions about our ability to satisfy you.

Alice says: In 30 years, I have had only one client that was unhappy with the paint color we chose. The paint for her master bath was mixed improperly and the walls did not reflect the color we had selected. Sherwin-Williams replaced the paint free of charge.

Isn’t color totally subjective?

I mean, I like some colors and don’t like others. What if ColorSure’s recommendation is something I don’t like?

Actually, your response to color is not subjective. It is based upon your perception of that color and how it affects your personality. It is influenced by the space in which you are viewing that color.

Let us give you an example:

Let’s say your favorite color is deep turquoise. You decide to paint your bedroom walls deep turquoise. In your room, you have beautiful dark wood furniture, a colorful comforter on your bed, and natural oak wood floors. When you put the deep turquoise on your bedroom walls, you aren’t in love with it. Why? And what do you do now? Repaint the whole room?

Chances are the other players—furniture, floor and bed linens— are just not letting the turquoise have “center stage.” They are fighting the turquoise for attention, resulting in a dark, lifeless space.

Rather than repaint, my answer would be to change the bed linens to white or off-white, add some colorful pillows and, finally, put a light rug or throw rugs on the floor to minimize the role of the oak flooring.

Voila—Now you love the turquoise!